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About MAG Connection


Parts, Accessories and Rock & Roll is our leitmotiv ! MAG Connection … the passion is inside.

We are the first European generation exposed to American Culture: Rock’n’Roll, Hot Rods and Harleys® … America fueled our dreams
“Life’s too short not to live your dreams.”
So in the early 90’s … the team started to work together to provide you the best parts at the best possible price that they can ! Almost 3 decades of experiences & knowledges are now at your serve !
MAG Connection is known and present in the industry and shares the passion for custom motorcycles with manufacturers and builders around the world.
If your project is to make a rebuild, a bobber construction, to transform your bike in a racer with performance parts, a very nice chopper or a bagger with a killer look or either a club-style bike … or simply a servicing your bike … the good door to knock at is MAG Connection !

We are here to help you to get the stuff that you need for all your builds!
MAG Connection … The Aftermarket experience !

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