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Arlen Ness

He is best known for his customized choppers and hot rods. His first customs were made in the garage of his home in San Leandro, California, but by the early ’70s he had moved to a storefront on East 14th Street.

 Ness is recognized for his unique painting style and for developing a line of custom motorcycle parts. His popularity grew as he built new custom bikes and then had them displayed on the bike show circuit and featured in motorcycle magazines. After more than three decades of custom bike building and developing his business, Arlen Ness, Inc. moved to a Dublin, California facility which included a museum featuring more than 40 of his custom motorcycles. The museum displays his Untouchable, the twin motor. His son, Cory Ness, has worked with Arlen for more than 30 years and now also Zach … the son of Cory is now in the company since arround 10 years and now runs the day-to-day business operations at Arlen Ness, Inc. A real « Custom Family »

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