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Bagger Nation

Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation is an industry leading bike shop with almost 30 years of experience in building world-class custom motorcycles as well as the finest …

Born on December 16, 1963, He was always fascinated with motorcycles, and, by the time he was 14, he’d take the bus from North Hollywood to Bike Night at All American Burger, where he first met Hamsters Grady Pfeiffer, Alan Deshon and Billy Westbrook. Those evenings changed his life and heavily influenced the style of bikes he would soon build. His teen years were hard on him—he got in some major scrapes with the law, but by the time he was 17 he had straightened out. By age 22, he’d purchased his third bike, a Harley-Davidson Sportster. That started his customizing bug, and, after spending hours hanging around Showcase Cycles in Hollywood, and going through a Softail, he realized that, in order to be the customizer he aspired to, he would need to learn the basics at the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute. Paul packed up everything he had, which wasn’t much, and headed to Phoenix, By the early nineties, Paul was ready to start a shop, Paul found himself set up with tools, machinery and even some inventory. In 1998, he won his first of three “World’s Most Beautiful Motorcycle” awards n 2001, Paul featured in the second-ever Biker Build-Off on the Discovery Channel, competing against Indian Larry, with a bike equipped with flame-throwers. In 2009 he conspired with Mark from HHI to design and manufacture a 9 and 9 rake kit for baggers that would allow a 26” front wheel Always pushing the envelope of design you can be assured there will be many more trend setting customs coming out of Paul’s shop.

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