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Baker Drivetrain

When it comes to Vtwin transmissions nothing beats Baker and their commitment to provide the best to owners and dealers.

All American made with no compromises, no cheap imported parts are involved in the production of this company dedicated to bringing you stronger and smarter upgrades and complete assemblies to fill whatever need you have for your bike. They have even chosen the location of their facilities to be in the place of America where industry means mechanical engineering. There was time when some cheap import gears where the only solution to rebuild something like a 4 speed tranny kicker system and you always ended with mashed gears in a short period of time where the stock ones took years to reach such a condition. This is an example of what you can now avoid thanks to Baker. If you miss a 6th in your 5 speed Sportster transmission just look into the offer and choose from different ratio and even the shifting pattern ! Need more to be convinced ? Just take a look at the impressive range of products Baker has for you.

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