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Bung King

BungKing was started back in 2004 to help supply shops and home builders alike in their quest to build one of a kind bikes.

 The company was started by Darin Morris, a long time fabricator of custom cars, motorcycles, and many other various projects. As a full time metal fabricator, I had been making all of the custom parts we sell now as we needed them but tended to use a lot of the same product over and over again. Talking to many other shops on the show bike circuit, I noticed that many other builders were doing the same. I started selling a few standard sized bungs and kits for the most commonly made parts, like fender struts and motor mounts. Over the years, I have added many new products and the product line has gone from a few to a few hundred, and I continue to add more and more. is a division of Big D’zigns Fabrication.

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