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Founded in 1972 Dynojet Research Inc. is the world leader in the development and manufacturing of performance enhancement products and tools.

 Our fuel management and diagnostic products, coupled with our personalized services, give you the resources to maximize performance and increase efficiency. With over a decade of experience, Dynojet has relied on state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the best products available. Our philosophy stands behind the belief that our customers are number one. Individualized attention is given so that you can take full advantage of the products we offer. Because of this philosophy, we guarantee high credibility, consistency, and customer satisfaction. Here at Dynojet, we invite you to put our products to the test. Dedicated to performance and obsessed with speed, Dynojet has been optimizing powersports vehicles since 1973. From their early Jet Kits to maximize your motorcycle’s air/fuel ratio to their newest Power Packages for turbocharged UTVs, Dynojet is always creating new ways to help customers push the limit. Whether you’re on the backroads ripping through the mud and climbing boulders or cruising down the highway at 75 mph, Dynojet fuel tuners made to optimize your power for more speed even on the racetrack or better fuel efficiency on your commute or anything in between can optimize your ride. If you need a faster shift for the racetrack or just looking for an easier commute, Dynojet’s Quick Shifter will overhaul your motorcycle experience. With both standalone kits and versions that pair with their fuel tuners, this can upgrade nearly any bike for smoother performance. Ignition Modules, easy to install devices that can change timing in each individual cylinder and is one more way that you can get your vehicle to push the limit. Dynojet is your power solution

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