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Metal Sport Wheels

Best known for their Big Wheels, South Gate (Los Angeles), California based Metalsport Wheels was founded in 2005 by Ron Loynds – but the background to the Metalsport story is one of a family owned and operated precision machining business with considerable aerospace credentials.

Ron, a life-long rider, started working in his stepfather’s “old school” machine shop when he was a kid. Ron’s first opportunity to turn his passion for riding into a business opportunity came in the early 1970s. Ed (“Big Daddy”) Roth turned up at Ron’s shop one day, saying that a friend had recommended that he check Ron’s place out, and that he could maybe help him resolve a problem he was having with his VW Trike project. The result was that he designed and fabricated a new springer front suspension that immediately resolved the problems Ed had been having, and from that point the springer fork became a required part of Ed’s VW Trike kit. Ron has had many very successful collaborations down the years, not least with Chip Foose. Ron’s involvement with the motorcycle industry deepened from that early involvement with Ed Roth by producing components for several aftermarket suppliers and specialty parts for noted custom bike builders. From there, his machine shop was bombarded by the industry’s builders to build parts for motorcycles. To this day, the machine shop is still cranking out parts for many of the industry’s aftermarket companies and high-end builders. In the late 1990s, we opened the aftermarket wheel company, Metalsport Inc. We were the first to offer a full line of true 3-D wheels. In early 2007, Metalsport had an opportunity to work with Matt Hotch on his bike, the “Vinnie,” as they did on the two previous bikes for the History Channel’s Biker Build-Off. The Vinnie featured the first ever 26” wheel. The high demand for this size gave birth to bigger sizes that are available today – the 30”, 32” and the 34” wheel. In December 2017, we were offered the opportunity to sell the full line of motorcycle wheel blanks. With the decision to take on this new venture, we wanted to make sure that as the wheel blank distributor, we would offer the full range of wheel sizes, including the 2D, Hybrid and 3D wheel formats. MSI is the one-stop shop for all your wheel needs – Wheels in 2D, Hybrid and 3D, Rotors up to 18”, Pulleys, Sprockets, Vee Rubber & Shinko Tires, Hubs and more to come.

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