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For the past 49 years Paughco has been providing the custom and restauration Harley-Davidson market with the most diverse, highest quality line of products available.

Paughco is a true family business founded in 1952 by Bob Paugh to provide cutting edge technical and components support for the Department of Defense and Aerospace industry. They work also for the Apollo Space program in the late 60’s. Ron Paugh was parking a name of himself as a prominent “Chopper” builder in southern California and ask to his father Bob if he can reproduce the early HD primary covers … and it was the beginning of purpose of producing the finest in custom and replacement parts and accessories. Bob told to his father that he could produce virtually anything a chopper enthusiast could want, it was no idle boast. Within a couple of years, Paughco was producing handlebars, sissy-bars and other bolt-on followed by what was and remains today. The company, with thousands of unique products, became the number one choice of consumers worldwide.

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