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Russ Wernimont is a cutting-edge fabricator with over 26 years of custom metal fabrication experience.

With a passion for design along with pride of craftsmanship, Russ Wernimont Designs is engineering some of the most in demand Harley-Davidson aftermarket parts in the industry, once again setting new standards in custom fabrication. In some ways the Russ Wernimont Designs formula is simple; “Small modifications can make a big difference.” RWD’s light kits are a good example; Cat’s Eye turn signals or the Maltese Cross Headlight are often just the beginning of a customer’s work on their otherwise stock machine. From there they can move to choosing any one of more then 11 front fenders to mix and match with RWD rear Fenders or custom Tanks. They may even choose to go with the whole Harley Bagger set-up from RWD. Go big or go little, the Russ Wernimont Designs philosophy is for their customers to pick and choose in order for them to create their own custom for themselves, their own vision. We had a chance to spend a few minutes with Russ himself and get an inside look at his optimistic perspective on the motorcycle business today.

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