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An American brand is born. In 1991 Samson Motorcycle Products was founded by Kenny Price, later to be known as “The Godfather of Pipes”.

 Kenny’s mission was to build great looking pipes that would not break. At the time, exhaust pipes breaking while on the road was a common occurrence. Kenny decided to solve that problem. After 3 years of hard work designing new products, bending metal, and grinding at motorcycle events, the company began to profit and grow. Samson established major business relationships with prominent dealers and distributors. A new era of motorcycle exhaust had come. 1995 had arrived and Samson had grown out of 3 buildings and was on the map as the place to get the latest innovative and quality exhaust for your motorcycle. Styles like True Dual, Big Guns and Fishtails were invented and made popular by Samson. Nowhere else could you get the chrome and design quality that Samson provided. There is a cult following behind the Samson Exhaust’s brand. Motorcyclists from all over the world ride Samson equipped bikes, and swear by the pipes they have purchased. Samson customers are riders of passion and very loyal to the brand.

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