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In the first years after the founding of the company, the success curve shot up steeply and steadily.

But already at the end of the millennium, there was a turnaround. The sales figures of all motorcycle manufacturers were declining, the only exception being Harley-Davidson. A brand that perfectly complements Thunderbike is the origin of all custom bikes. In 2003, the first Harleys were rebuilt and soon followed the first frame for engines from Milwaukee. When the HD license for the Lower Rhine was to be had then, everything went his way: On 18 March 2006, it was finally time and with a befitting bang the Bar & Shield was officially unveiled on the facade of Thunderbike. When the doors to Harley-Davidson Thunderbike opened for the first time, the former one-man show had long since become a stately company with over 30 employees. In the meantime, the base area alone had increased more than tenfold compared to the initial scale. The year 2012 marks a very special one, because we are world champions! In addition to the growing number of events and happy customers, this phase of the company’s history will be crowned with the world championship title in the freestyle class. We faced the strong competition from all over the world with one of the most extraordinary and elaborate custom bikes in our history, and won the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building 2012 in Sturgis (USA)

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