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Home of of the well knowned Thundermax ECM replacement module and the TracMax ABS correction Thundermax offers the all new iRIDE Intelligent Ride Control system.

The most advanced air-assisted suspension on the market for your 2014 – 2020 Touring® motorcycle. Featuring Patent Pending technology with automatic load levelling the iRIDE system features a touchscreen display and gauge interface allowing full control of your motorcycle’s ride height based on vehicle speed including stopped, city, and highway modes meaning no more manual adjustments to your suspension for riding one-up, two-up, or with luggage.
The Ballistic air Cleaners offer both Performance and Style for your Touring Harley® and the Thunderheart and electronic products bring you high quality solutions for your electrical build needs.
These products were developed to provide customers with the absolute best performing motorcycle while improving their overall riding experience.

Access to Mag-Connection

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